Patient Says Pain Management Doctor Ammar Alamarie Is Her Hero

Joan, good afternoon. This is Dr. Alamarie from Southern Pain and Spine Specialists; can you tell me about your experience here at Southern Pain and Spine Specialists?
So far, it’s been a dream come true. I came to you for a second opinion and you have taken over my body and made it feel better. Every visit as a success. I had a fall a week ago and I remembered what you said, and I didn’t go to the ER. I came here to you and you took such good care of me and three days later I’m doing so much better.

We’re glad you’re doing great. Do you recommend Southern Pain and Spine Specialists for pain management an urgent care needs?

What do you like about this practice?
I love everything about it; your girls at the front desk are amazing, your nurses are sensational, and you’re my hero.

It’s been a pleasure taking care of you. “Did you ever know that I’m hero”, you know that song right?
I do [laughter]

No, no, you’re doing great. You’re your won hero because you came and you’re doing great and we take great care of you. So it’s a pleasure taking care of you, and anytime you have pain we’re here, 833-704-7246, we’re here to take care of our patients with chronic pain and make them have a better quality of life.

Second Opinion Program

We created our Second Opinion Program to empower patients with a deeper understanding of where they are now and confidence in their journey to recovery.
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