My experience has been marvelous

Sarah, welcome to Southern Pain and Specialists. Can you tell us about your experience here?
My experience has been marvelous. I came with severe knee pain, and with the treatment Dr. Alamarie has given me has helped tremendously, and I’m extremely pleased with the pain center.

Hopefully you’ve had a great experience here. We hope you’re doing very well. I take pain management very seriously, and I’m happy you’re doing well. 
Oh yes, you were highly recommended by an orthopedic doctor and I was pleased with him and extremely pleased to be your patient.

Well, I’m glad to take great care of you. Can you smile for me? I’m glad you’re able to smile and have a great quality of life. That’s why we’re here. We’re here to take care of patients and make sure they’re well. 
You’re certainly done that

Thank you very much for your testimonial.
Okay, thank you for talking with me.

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